Quantitative Trend Following
Allsolutions Tobam Glb Blockchain Eq A
Quantitative Trend Following
PL T Rowe Price Funds Emerging Markets Bond
Naam Datum Koers YTD
Quantitative Trend FollowingPatronale / Tak-2331/051.261,08eur+39,7%
Patronale Quantitative Lustrum DoublePatronale / Tak-2317/061.259,96eur+39,6%
Tobam Glb Blockchain Equity FundOneLife / Tak-2320/06186,20eur+32,2%
Fidea BGF World Technology FundFidea / Tak-2320/0678,00eur+31,5%
Lyxor MSCI World Information Techn TRBaloise Lux / Tak-2321/06808,68eur+30,5%
Janus Hend. Horizon Glb Tech Leaders A2Baloise Lux / Tak-2320/06220,47usd+29,8%
Xtrackers MSCI World Momentum UCITS 1CBaloise Lux / Tak-2321/0660,88eur+29,7%
iShares S&P 500 IT Sector UCITS USDBaloise Lux / Tak-2321/0632,07usd+29,6%
BGF World Technology Fund D2OneLife / Tak-2321/0693,03eur+28,4%
BGF World Technology Fund D2Lombard / Tak-2321/0693,03eur+28,4%
BlackRock World Technology Fund D2Vitis Life / Tak-2321/0693,03eur+28,4%
BGF World Technology Fund A2OneLife / Tak-2321/0682,96eur+27,9%
Allsolutions Tobam Glb Blockchain Eq AOneLife / Tak-2320/06210,11eur+27,3%
BGF World Technology A2 USDBaloise Lux / Tak-2320/0690,97usd+26,7%
MainFirst Global Equities Unconstrained Fund ROneLife / Tak-2320/06230,07eur+25,8%
MainFirst Glb Equities Unconstrained Fund RLombard / Tak-2320/06230,07eur+25,8%
MainFirst Global Equities Unconstr. RVitis Life / Tak-2320/06230,07eur+25,8%
MainFirst Global Equities Unconstr. RBaloise Lux / Tak-2320/06230,07eur+25,8%
Fidea Pictet DigitalFidea / Tak-2320/0642,29eur+25,7%
Pictet Digital IPrivate Insurer / Tak-2321/06671,11eur+25,5%
MainFirst Global Equities Unconstr. AOneLife / Tak-2320/06236,04eur+25,4%
MainFirst Glob. Eq. Unconstr. Fund ABaloise Lux / Tak-2320/06236,04eur+25,4%
Athora Mainfirst Glb Eq. UnconstrainedAthora / Tak-2321/0650,56eur+25,2%
Pictet Digital POneLife / Tak-2321/06554,23eur+25,0%
BGF World Technology Fund D2 USDBaloise Lux / Tak-2321/0699,40usd+23,9%
Franklin Technology Fund W (acc)Lombard / Tak-2318/0678,08eur+23,3%
Ergo Life JPM Highbridge US STEEPERGO Life / Tak-2318/0630,39eur+23,2%
Allianz Best Styles US EquityAllianz Global / Tak-2320/06423,20eur+23,1%
Franklin Technology Fund IOneLife / Tak-2321/0688,23eur+22,7%
MainFirst Global Equities Fund RBaloise Lux / Tak-2320/06168,34eur+22,5%
MainFirst Global Equities Fund COneLife / Tak-2320/06403,61eur+22,3%
Franklin Technology Fund APrivate Insurer / Tak-2320/0644,85eur+22,0%
MainFirst Global Equities Fund AAFI ESCA / Tak-2320/06381,37eur+22,0%
MainFirst Global Equities Fund ABaloise Lux / Tak-2320/06381,37eur+22,0%
MainFirst Global Equities Fund AOneLife / Tak-2320/06381,37eur+22,0%
T. Rowe SICAV US Blue Chip Equity Fund QPrivate Insurer / Tak-2321/0648,33usd+22,0%
T. Rowe US Blue Chip Equity Fund QBaloise Lux / Tak-2321/0648,33usd+22,0%
Franklin US Opportunities Fund ABaloise Lux / Tak-2320/0631,21eur+21,9%
Carmignac Investissement AOneLife / Tak-2320/062.124,87eur+21,9%
Carmignac Investissement AAFI ESCA / Tak-2320/062.124,87eur+21,9%
AXP Allianz MainFirst Global EquitiesAllianz / Tak-2320/061.337,68eur+21,8%
Allianz Excellence MainFirst Global EquitiesAllianz / Tak-2320/061.778,43eur+21,5%
T. Rowe US Blue Chip Equity Fund APrivate Insurer / Tak-2321/0698,32usd+21,4%
Threadneedle Global Focus IEPrivate Insurer / Tak-2320/0626,54eur+21,0%
Threadneedle (L) Glb Focus ZEOneLife / Tak-2320/0629,86eur+20,9%
Threadneedle (L) Global Focus ZELombard / Tak-2320/0629,86eur+20,9%
Threadneedle (L) Global Focus ZEBaloise Lux / Tak-2320/0629,86eur+20,9%
Stars for Life Carmignac Investissem.AXA Life / Tak-2319/06290,04eur+20,6%
Piazza Carmignac InvestissementAXA Life / Tak-2319/06290,04eur+20,6%
AG Life Equity World Quality FocusAG Insurance / Tak-2320/06296,03eur+20,5%


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